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TITASTaipei Innovative Textile Application Show (Taipei, Taiwan)
TITASTexas International Theatrical Arts Society (est. 1982; Dallas, TX)
TITASThermal Imaging Tracking Aid System
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Forty more paces, Tita mia, and I swear to the holy Eloi, patron of all learned craftsmen, that I will never set foot over my door again until the whole swarm are safely hived in their camp of Dax, or wherever else they curse with their presence.
My Tita would have been dragged away, and my head would have been shivered into a thousand fragments."
"Dear father," cried Tita, still supporting the angry old man, as he limped up the curved oaken stair.
I thank you, Tita! The Venetian glasses, cara mia, and fill them to the brim.
While Ford, in his English-French, was conversing with Tita in her Italian French, the old man was carefully examining his precious head to see that no scratch had been left upon its surface.
"I would fain stay here forever amid all these beautiful things--" staring hard at the blushing Tita as he spoke--"but we must be back at our lord's hostel ere he reach it." Amid renewed thanks and with promises to come again, the two squires bade their leave of the old Italian glass-stainer and his daughter.
I think it was the flowers that won my suit, for I afterward found that Miss Tita (for such the name of this high tremulous spinster proved somewhat incongruously to be) had an insatiable appetite for them.
This generous 'Happy Hour' is exempt on Wednesdays for a special reason: Titos and Titas Day is every Wednesday, where clients born 1975-1990 can enjoy a presenior discount of 16 percent.
Titas Gas deputy general manager Anisur Rahman said they did not have any alternative arrangement to improve the gas supply situation in the affected areas.
Tita Daisy believes to this day in Cristobal Balenciaga's dictum: 'No woman can make herself chic if she is not chic herself.' She tries to please no one when it comes to her fashion.
At times, we also enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee or tea with our titas right after she takes us shopping or get a new haircut.
TITAS 2012 attracted 333 exhibitors from 11 countries across 684 booths, increasing 18% year on year (YoY), with buyers exceeding 27,000 from 40 nations, with the scale of display hitting a new high since its inception in 1997, according to TTF.