TITLTrust in the Lord
TITLTobacco Institute Testing Laboratory (now Tobacco Industry Testing Laboratoy; est. 1966)
TITLTumor-Infiltrating T Lymphocytes (oncology)
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To these that sober Race of Men, whose lives Religious titl'd them the Sons of God, Shall yeild up all thir vertue, all thir fame Ignobly, to the trains and to the smiles Of these fair Atheists, and now swim in joy, (Erelong to swim at larg) and laugh; for which The world erelong a world of tears must weepe.
Those whom last thou sawst In triumph and luxurious wealth, are they First seen in acts of prowess eminent And great exploits, but of true vertu void; Who having spilt much blood, and don much waste Subduing Nations, and achievd thereby Fame in the World, high titles, and rich prey, Shall change thir course to pleasure, ease, and sloth, Surfet, and lust, till wantonness and pride Raise out of friendship hostil deeds in Peace.
Then shall they seek to avail themselves of names, Places and titles, and with these to joine Secular power, though feigning still to act By spiritual, to themselves appropriating The Spirit of God, promisd alike and giv'n To all Beleevers; and from that pretense, Spiritual Lawes by carnal power shall force On every conscience; Laws which none shall finde Left them inrould, or what the Spirit within Shall on the heart engrave.
The Spanish playmaker has confirmed he will walk away from the Etihad when his contract expires in 2020 after lifting three Premier League titles, the FA Cup and three League Cups during his eight years with the Blues.
Hamilton also passed his idol, Brazil[yen]AaAaAeAcs Aryton Senna, who won thr titles before he was killed in a crash and is still considered one of the most skilled drivers in F1 history.
(TITL), Accu Title Agency, has released a New Year's CEO address.
worked there, he''s been a top-class p with Sampdoria and Lazio and won titl both clubs.
Arthur nominated for fight award as he attempts to be the best of British JAMIE Arthur may still be waiting to see if he will get to fight for the British titl,e but at least he knows there is one prize he definitely has a shot at.
Disappointing If that is the case the Scottish titl holders will be the only team in the Champions League who haven't signed a player this summer.
These often featured pieces by the theatre bandmaster Antonin Emil Titl (1809-1882), which were also used in Slav ballets and besedas.
He will be spending four days training with the team on the River Titl is ahead of the Junior International Races at Buochs, near Luzer n, over next weekend.