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TITOTicket in Ticket Out (cashless machine used in the gaming industry)
TITOTime Is Ticking Out (Cranberries song)
TITOTwo-Input Two-Output
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When a major bill is being discussed, I have made it a point to always ask,'Tito, ano kaya tingin ng tao dito?' because more important than the prose of legislation is the public reception to it.
Year after year you would see the core group of loyal friends and relatives who sincerely loved Tito Jimmy, in attendance.
I also tell Tito about how Dartmouth University economist Charles Wheelan prepared for his appearance on the news program Chicago Tonight, hosted by journalist Phil Ponce.
Her vice chair Gakii (Anne Ogongo) who happens to be Tito's sister does not hold the same opinion.
The charming Consul of Bangladesh, Joji Ilagan-Bian, is always ever ready to empower and promote the elderly interests of Tito Boy to make his life more enjoyable especially now that he is '85-years-old going on 25' as claimed by another Boy Guino-o devotee, Consul of Hungary Baby Maceda-Montemayor.
In "Tito and His Comrades", Professor Pirjevec employs impressive research from archives in eight languages to offer his illuminating, definitive, biographical portrait of a complex man in turbulent times.
Tito provided Barry's upper hand in the very first minute of the game but Salvador not only leveled the score but also got lead for Newage in the first chukker of the match.
Michael Jackson's brother Tito is planning to make a move - to Wolverhampton.