TIVADTotally Implantable Venous Access Device (vascular medicine)
TIVADTotally Implantable Vascular Access Device
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86% (34/3953) among all implanted TIVAD during this period, and all fractured catheters were successfully retrieved by a goose-neck snare device.
The factors that independently correlated with fracture of the TIVAD were duration of implantation >200 days and port-clavicle distance <2.
A fractured catheter is a rare, but life-threatening complication, and the incidence of TIVAD fracture has been reported to range from 0.
sup][27] also reported similar findings regarding the fracture site of TIVAD.
In univariate analysis, TIVAD implantation method, brand of device, and duration and distance between the port and the clavicle were associated with increased risk of catheter fracture.
sup][28] We thought that the shape of a TIVAD could be represented by measuring the port-clavicle angle; however, the results of our analysis showed that the port-clavicle angle did not increase the risk of catheter fracture.
The better design of TIVAD, the use cut-down method, shorter duration of implantation and longer port-clavicle distance could avoid catheter fracture.