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TIVITelevision Information-Enhancement for the Visually Impaired (Act)
TIVITransit Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (US DOT)
TIVITojo India Vikas International (New Delhi, India)
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Though both Emmalehua and Tivi suffer differing levels of physical abuse from their partners, Fisi is literally trapped by a jealous, hyper-masculine boyfriend who confines her to domestic duties and savagely beats and berates her when he is drunk and angry.
Tivi [F.sub.1] variety was better than Delba [F.sub.1] variety for these traits, indicating that it can be used for tomato breeding programs (Table 3).
It will compete with "The Door" (Juanita Wilson, James Flynn), "Instead of Abracadabra" (Patrik Eklund, Mathias Fjellstrom), "Miracle Fish" (Luke Doolan, Drew Bailey), and "The New Tenants" (Joachim Back, Tivi Magnusson).
tivi regolamenti prima dell'entrata in vigore della presente, e limitatamente al procedimento di esecuzione ed al procedimenti speciali contemplati nel Libro III, Titolo I (disposizioni comuni), Titolo III (assenza), Titolo V (minori), Titolo VI (interdizione ed inabilitazione), Titolo XIII (successioni), Titolo IX (offerta di pagamento e deposito), Titolo X (copia e collazione di atti pubblici), Titolo XII (esecuzione di sentenze straniere) modificato con decreto-legge del Regno d'Italia 30 giugno 1919, n.
Trans Corp, acquired the majority share of PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh (TV7).
TIVI (Technologisch Instituut VIV) (1944), Boekhoudplan voorgesteld door de subcommissie 'Eenmaking van de boekhoudmethodes' (Antwerp: Mercurius).
Tivi Tuan San [TV weekly], published in Melbourne, frequently carries articles about and by people in Vietnam who criticize the government.
Midland Premier Division high-flyers Tivi are in FA Vase action at Stafford Town tomorrow with King looking for his first victory in the competition since taking charge at Packwood Road.
Dan Smith gave Tivi the lead after nine minutes but Isaac Jagroop slotted home a penalty equaliser six minutes later.
"It's no secret that authors are my favorite group of creative people," says Creativity Loft Director Tivi Jones, who manages the digital and social media for regional magazine Carolina Parent (www.carolinaparent.com).