TJATotal Joint Arthroplasty (surgical procedure)
TJATarija, Bolivia (Airport Code)
TJATelecommunications Journal of Australia (Telecommunications Society of Australia)
TJAThai Journalist Association
TJAThéatre des Jeunes Années (French: Young People's Theater)
TJATexas Jail Association (professional group; Huntsville, TX)
TJAThe Jedi Assembly (Star Wars fan club)
TJAThermo Jarrell Ash Corporation (spectrometer manufacturer)
TJATrichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin
TJATaiwan Journal of Anthropology
TJATransport Jacques Auger (French; Canadian transport company)
TJATréga'Jeunes Animations (French youth activity group)
TJATransportes João Amaral (Portuguese transport company)
TJATerminal Jog Auxiliary
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Historically, TJA patients would stay in the hospital for 14 days or even longer, after surgery.
The TJA has been changed at least three times in the literature: from the initial introduction (Myer et al.
Meanwhile, the majority of patients receiving TJA were the aged people, especially in China.
He said TJA delegation in their meeting with KCCI office bearers said presence of Pakistani manufacturers and exporters of jewellery in the event would provide manufacturers an opportunity to take a good look at international jewellery products, hold B2B meetings, exchange information and meet suppliers from all over the world.
1) show that growth on TJA has highest average diameter of growth followed by the CBA and the least was observed on CPBA.
Onethird practiced in a rural location, and 31% had more than 10 TJA referrals per year.
All the papers in this special issue of TJA are made freely accessible online through Telstra's sponsorship.
In fact, a mere 2 percent dip in TJA revision rates would generate more than $65 million in annual savings; that total, however, could surge to $1.
En este articulo se busco analizar los beneficios propuestos por la insercion de audio descripciones en las visitas guiadas del TJA ya que ese recurso es aplicado con considerable exito en la produccion teatral y cinematografica.
The transceiver, called the TJA 1080A, will allow carmakers to introduce advanced features relating to safety and comfort on a vehicle's communication system.
Through gender-based analysis (GBA) the authors describe who is more likely to suffer the conditions that most often lead to needing TJA (women) and who is more likely to be recommended for surgery (men), who is more likely to turn down a surgery date (women) and why (because they are already taking care of someone else, they cannot take time from work, or they will not have anyone at home to help during recovery).
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