TJAGThe Judge Advocate General
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I will not be granted a do-over, as my term as TJAG has ended, but I understand that critical inquiry far better now, gifted with the benefit of detached reflection.
111) AMC/JA shared this information with TJAG who approved the pilot
30) Major General Persons had retired the year before, but the creation of TDS remains a lasting legacy of his tenure as TJAG.
The Army TJAG position was created on July 29, 1775.
Since this inaugural event, the sitting TJAG has always been invited to RAJA's annual gathering.
By regulation, TJAG is required to "administer an independent, Army-wide Trial Defense Service to provide representation for soldiers tried by courts-martial.
So that is when the TJAG and I yelled at each other; probably not the wisest career move.
Even so, the office of the TJAG is charged with a review and may submit the issues to the appellate process on its own.
After all, if TJAG considered Caffey's "General Value to the Service" to be "doubtful," a transfer from the JAGD to the Corps of Engineers was the best course of action.
Under TJAG Policy Number 15, Air Force judge advocates are permitted to appear in Federal Court under limited circumstances.
Crowder served an unprecedented forty-six years on active duty, was the first Army lawyer to wear two stars on his shoulders, and was TJAG for twelve years.
At our recent TJAG Awards Banquet, this year's Kuhfeld Award winner as the Outstanding Young Judge Advocate of 2000 was recognized in part for his actions while deployed.