TJBThe Jungle Book
TJBTijuana Brass (Herb Alpert band)
TJBThe Jonas Brothers (band)
TJBTorneos Juveniles Bonaerenses (Spanish: Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments; Argentina)
TJBTonnage en Jauge Brute (French: gross register ton)
TJBThe Jerusalem Bible (Catholicism)
TJBTed's Job Bank (Hamden, CT)
TJBThe Joker Blogs
TJBTaejon Broadcasting (Korea)
TJBThe Joyful Bewilderment (exhibition)
TJBTours Joué Basket (French basketball club)
TJBTelephone Junction Box
TJBTed's Job Bank Incorporated (Hamden, CT)
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To mark the recent completion of the expansion work and begin a test run of TJB Units 3 and 4, which have a total power generation capacity of 1,320MW (660 MW per unit), as well as kicking off the start of supplying electricity to the state electricity company PT.
On some lines, the cleaning of TJB is "checked" by RM; on other lines, the cleaning of RM is "checked" by TJB.
We subsequently obtained 2 viral isolates from its blood and fecal samples, designated TJB and TJF, respectively.
Leaf rust races used for one or more years were Race 1, Race 15, KBG, MBDS (12-3), MBR, (39-2), MBRJ (10-2), MCDS (1-2), MCR, MFM (56-1), MJB (10-3), TBD (U3-1), TDG (36-3), TDT, TGBJ (82-1), and TJB (77-2).
TJB will display our complete line of MSHA-certified and open-type cable couplers from 480 to 25,000 volts.
Dickinson HO, Hammal DM, Dummer TJB, Parker L, Bithell JF.
As a leading cable coupler manufacturer, TJB will showcase its 1KV MLVNT Line, its 480V through 5KV LVNT Line, all the way up to its 25KV high voltage couplers.