TJBThe Jungle Book
TJBTijuana Brass (Herb Alpert band)
TJBThe Jonas Brothers (band)
TJBTorneos Juveniles Bonaerenses (Spanish: Buenos Aires Youth Tournaments; Argentina)
TJBTonnage en Jauge Brute (French: gross register ton)
TJBThe Jerusalem Bible (Catholicism)
TJBTed's Job Bank (Hamden, CT)
TJBThe Joker Blogs
TJBTaejon Broadcasting (Korea)
TJBThe Joyful Bewilderment (exhibition)
TJBTours Joué Basket (French basketball club)
TJBTelephone Junction Box
TJBTed's Job Bank Incorporated (Hamden, CT)
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The generation capacity of TJB, with the new Units 3 and 4 and existing Units 1 and 2 combined, now totals 2,640MW, accounting for about 13% of the power supply for the entire Java-Bali power system in Indonesia.
The early TJB was all Herb Alpert and his tape recorder.
Trained biochemist Cynan Jones is co-director of TJB Cymru which offers business advice to Welsh complanies.
(85.) Simons TJB. Lead transport and binding by human erythrocytes in vitro.
The log shows a "3:00" start time on 3/28/06 for a product, "Acidophilus," with a finish time of "12:30 3/29/06," with a "type 1" cleaning checked off as being performed by TJB. But there is no time recorded for cleaning the machine.
100mA James Moore; 100m B Matt Butler; 200mA Phil Doorgachurn; 200mB Peter Stafford; 400mA AN Other; 400mB Marco Palmieri; 800mA James Nasrat; 800mB Joe Thomas; 1500mA James Williams; 1500mB Jorge Thomas; 5000mA Jon Phillips; 5000mB Mike Johnson; S/CA Steve Milward; S/CB Anthony Wilson; 110HA Matt Butler; 110HB Matt Ledger; 400HA Gareth Sutcliffe; 400HB Richard Chappell; HJA Kabelo Mnomo; HJB Matt Ledger; PVA Michael Walker; PVB Jon Murray; LJA Andy Thompson; LJB Ian Newbury; TJA Gary White; TJB AN Other; ShotA Brett Morse; ShotB AN Other; DiscusA Brett Morse; DiscusB AN Other HammerA Peter Morgan; HammerB AN Other; JavelinA Jason Hallett; JavelinB Matt Ledger; 4x100 Moore, Doorgachurn, Butler, Stafford; 4x400 AN Other, Tom Miller, Palmieri, Nasrat.
David Flayhan, senior vice president of HK Group and Interstate Commercial of New Jersey, brokered the deal with the land owner, TJB 437 LLC.
We subsequently obtained 2 viral isolates from its blood and fecal samples, designated TJB and TJF, respectively.
Leaf rust races used for one or more years were Race 1, Race 15, KBG, MBDS (12-3), MBR, (39-2), MBRJ (10-2), MCDS (1-2), MCR, MFM (56-1), MJB (10-3), TBD (U3-1), TDG (36-3), TDT, TGBJ (82-1), and TJB (77-2).
Whoever holds the stick gets to talk and everyone else is expected to listen even if you don't agree with the person" (TJB, PgmC, 13Oct, 11.