TJDThomas Jefferson District (Charlotte, NC)
TJDThe Jazz Discography (music reference database)
TJDThe Justice Department (Quake gaming clan)
TJDTruncated Julian Days (computing format)
TJDTrajectory Diagram
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There were no significant differences between the CS and TJD groups in terms of education; length of time in current positions as employment specialists; length of time employed as an employment specialist prior to the current job; or amount of human service experience, business experience, or experience working with people with psychiatric disabilities.
Importante salientar que no novo CBJD foi introduzido o artigo 5[degrees]-A, que trata de regulamentar a composicao das Comissoes Disciplinares (CD) que deverao atuar nos TJD existentes nas Federacoes.
Of 6,124 patients receiving a prescription for a fluoroquinolone (ofloxacin, levofloxacin, or ciprofloxacin), 50 (0.82%) had a verified diagnosis of TJD within 60 days, compared with 118 of 15,073 (0.78%) children prescribed azithromycin--an insignificant difference (Pediatr.
and 11:1 TJD. Both are fed strips of silicone, which is difficult to color evenly.
Whenever necessary, samples of the cytologically identified recombinant chromosomes were challenged by the TJD 84-32-122C race of a leaf rust (Puccinia recondita Rob.
Los cuatro procesos fueron enviados al Tribunal de Justicia Deportiva (TJD) y a la Comision Disciplinaria de la FIFA.
Known as "TJD" for legal reasons, the sexual sadist had a background of ghastly sexual assaults to women.
Hoje a composicao dos nove membros do STJD e do TJD esta da seguinte forma definida no art.
Serviced office provider The Office Company and leading North East chartered surveyor Bradley Hall have teamed up to attract SMEs to the Moor Chambers scheme in Framwellgate Moor, near Durham City, for TJD Properties Ltd.
(28.) Heegaard NHH, Jorgensen TJD, Rozlosnik N, Corlin DB, Pedersen JS, Tempesta AG, et al.
The presence of Lr26 was determined by challenging the cytologically identified translocation heterozygotes with a leaf rust isolate TJD 84-32-122C.