TJPSThreshold Joint Position Sense
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The concept and technique of using TMJ TJP for TMJ reconstruction and simultaneous mandibular advancement with counterclockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular complex was developed by Wolford et al.
The TMJ Concepts patient-fitted TJP in conjunction with orthognathic surgery for TMJ and jaw reconstruction is a valid option for patients with HFM because (1) no bone graft donor site is required; (2) it does not require reconstruction of the glenoid fossa; (3) it is a patient-fitted device to meet a patient's specific anatomic requirements for mandibular advancement, vertical lengthening, and TMJ reconstruction; and (4) treatment results are highly predictable and stable in relation to skeletal and occlusal stability, TMJ function, improved facial balance, and comfort.
To further validate the TJPS and to provide an estimation of its reliability, 24-items were given to head teachers (only the head teachers of public high and higher secondary schools were selected because of their better understanding to evaluate their teachers and having different management related experience and certifications).
These findings, therefore, present primary help for the strength of proposed instrument (i.e., TJPS).
The analysis of the reliability coefficient of TJPS depicts the Cronbach's a value of .87 for whole scale.
The first model was hypothesized as one factor (TJPS), explaining all variance between 24 statements.
Table 3 Mean, SD, Correlation Matrix, and Alpha Reliability Coefficients for TJPS and Sub-scales
Pearson correlation matrix for TJPS and its dimensions are good (Table 3).
In gender-wise analysis, independent sample t-test was applied to study the difference among male (n = 303) and female (n = 313) teachers on TJPS.
Moreover, on the basis of overall TJPS, there is also a significant difference between the performance of male (M = 3.04, SD = .60) and female (M = 3.44, SD = .23) teachers t (619) = 1.969, p < .044.
In location-wise analysis, independent sample t-test was applied to study the difference among urban (n = 315) and rural (n = 306) teachers on TJPS.
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are proteolytic enzymes that cleave almost all components of the extracellular matrix (ECM) including fibronectin, laminin, proteoglycans, type IV collagen, and tight junction proteins (TJP) and have been related to blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening and neurodegeneration associated with ischemia and neuroinflammation [1-4].