TJSCTeachers of Japanese in Southern California
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Since the values of I, V, and [R.sub.S] are known from the subcell I-V curves and from the sheet resistances of the TJSC structure, the remaining unknowns, [I.sub.L], [I.sub.01], [I.sub.02], and [], can be determined by curve-fitting using the least-squares method [13].
In this work, a 2-D distributed resistance model for a TJSC is used [13].
Narrower spacing requires a larger number of functional blocks to represent the physical extent of the TJSC being modeled.
The linear grid means a 2-D model will suffice to describe the TJSC. The model incorporates lateral resistance components connecting the functional blocks across the rows ([]), tunnel junction resistances ([R.sub.T]) connecting the subcells in series, and contact resistances ([]) for the electrodes.
TJSC had called for an indefinite chakka jam and other protest programmes in the Tarai districts where the ongoing agitation entered Day 12 on Sunday.
TJSC member Yogendra Chaudhary said, "Considering the recent political developments and with the end of legitimacy of the current government, we decided to call off our chakka jam programme from the Tarai districts." However, Chaudhary added that other programmes like seizing of natural resources and boycotting local administration would continue in a more intensified way.
Com base especificamente neste segundo argumento, a Corte Catarinense ja definiu que "nao e cabivel o ressarcimento dos danos decorrentes da contratacao do advogado para ajuizamento da demanda por se tratar de um negocio juridico particular que decorre de liberalidade das partes e nao vincula a parte adversa" (TJSC, AC 2013.051584-8, Fernando Carioni, 03.09.2013; grifou-se).
The TJSC cadres forcibly shut down local marketplaces in Itahari, Inaruwa, Hasposa and Duhabi of Sunsari.
The TJSC move comes a day after the government invited the Tharus for talks.
TJSC has been organising protest programmes in the Tarai districts for the last 11 days to press the government to implement the six-point deal signed last month.
"The government bid to make us withdraw protest programmes did not even let us discuss the agendas," said Yogendra Chaudhary, a member of the TJSC talks team.