TJTCTargeted Jobs Tax Credit
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7) This simplification of paperwork was intended to promote higher levels of participation than those under the TJTC.
These represented increases from the first year of available data examined in the paper (1997), and perhaps increases relative to the TJTC, for which estimates ranged from less than 5% to about 10% (see Christensen 1984; Katz 1998; O'Neill 1982).
They did not find statistically significant impacts of TJTC certification on employment or job retention but reported positive wage impacts for most worker groups.
And it was due partly to the inability of state employment service eligible for the program and issue them a TJTC voucher.
The TJTC program provided a federal income tax credit to employers of up to 40 percent of the first $6,000 paid to each eligible employee during his/her first year of employment.
With the TJTC "for-profit" businesses can obtain tax credits for hiring workers with handicaps.