TKAPToyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. (India)
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Also addressing the function, Yuji Hiraoka, Managing Director, TKAP said, "We are very happy to announce the formal commencement of our new Engine and Transmission plant.
TKAP also produces R -Type manual transmissions for export to Thailand & Argentina and also for the "Fortuner", manufactured in India.
TKAP serves as a production and supply base for manual transmission for IMV series vehicles to India, Thailand and Argentina.
The production of engines and transmissions for the Etios will enhance the production and supply base position of TKAP, which currently produces manual transmissions for the Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) Project*.
Vikram Kirloskar conveyed the key role played by TKAP in the Unit Localization Project for ETIOS car and stated that "Indian operations play a very important role in Toyota's global strategy.
Hisashi Suzuki in his address "This project will help generate additional employment for more than 500 members at TKAP.
Chief Superintendent Josh Jones, who is leading the TKAP programme for South Wales Police, said: "When we started the hand in a number of weeks ago, we did not really know what kind of reception it would get from the public.
It was in April the Home Office extended the TKAP programme for another year, to the end of March 2010.
Through TKAP and the Gun Crime Strategy, the Force will continue to monitor performance and respond effectively to these issues.
TKAP currently produces manual transmissions for the Fortuner manufactured in India, Thailand and Argentina.
The TKAP initiative was launched in the ten areas which suffer 80% of serious knife violence including Merseyside.
He also stated that TKAP currently produces axles and drive shafts for the Innova gearboxes for the IMV product for export.