TKCIThe Keith Companies Inc.
TKCIThe Knowledge Compass, Inc. (consulting firm; Pompano Beach, FL)
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TKCI is one of two engineering companies currently working on this project for the master developer, Newland Communities.
In addition to working with its clients on projects like these CNG facilities, TKCI is also following the lead of the California State Legislature which recently passed Senate Bill 1078, setting a goal of 20% of California's electricity being produced by renewable energy sources by the year 2010.
TKCI services include surveying, mapping, final engineering, and construction staking services for the first project that consists of 30 acres with 107 single-family residential lots.
TKCI, as retained by the BIA, reviewed the traffic analysis, cost studies and nexus study and provided recommendations to the WRCOG for appropriate revisions to establish a fair distribution and application of fees for future growth.