TKGTelekommunikationsgesetz (Telecommunications Act of Germany)
TKGTamago Kake Gohan (Japanese: Egg Sauce over Rice)
TKGToyota Kreditbank GmbH (vehicles; Germany)
TKGThe Killing Grounds (Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds; game)
TKGThe Kelsey Group, Inc. (Princeton, NJ)
TKGThird Kind Games (developer; UK)
TKGTerminal Key Generator
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TKG and Chartwell's pro forma assets under management would total USD 10.1bn at Sept.
The Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA) and TKG launched a second joint project, where 20 street youths will begin a nine-month training programme.
Primers used for detection of HAV RNA by nested RT-PCR in clinical specimens from patients in Germany, 2007-2008 * Primer Sequence (5' [right arrow] 3') HAV6a GGA AAT ATT CAG ATT AGG YTG CCT TGG T HAV6b GGG AAC ATT CAG ATY AGA TTG CCW TGG T HAV17a CAA AGC TCT AGT RTC AGC AGT AAT TCC HAV17b CAA AGC CCT AGT RTC AGC AGT CAC TCC HAV8a CTT TTG GAT TKG TTT CYA TTC AGA TTG C HAV7a GAA AAC TTC ATT ATT TCA TGM TCY TCW GT Primer Orientation, position, and use HAV6a Sense, 2793-2820, reverse transcription and first-round PCR HAV6b HAV17a Antisense, 3300-3326, reverse transcription and first-round PCR HAV17b HAV8a Sense, 2882-2908, nested PCR and sequencing HAV7a Antisense, 3264-3292, nested PCR and sequencing * HAV, hepatitis A virus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription-PCR.
A high profile victim of the current sales slump was the Tallinna Kaubamaja Group (TKG).
The softer end of the range is Softell TKS 209N with no glass fiber and the harder end is Softell TKG 317N with 25% glass.
Conversely, The Kernel Group (TKG) provides an example of excellent project accounting.
Dentre os seedlings hibridos levados a campo no periodo de agosto de 1995 a junho de 1997 (Tabela 1), a progenie do cruzamento TKG x CTSW apresentou a maior media de altura da planta, da ordem de 3,0 m, sendo este valor superior aquele constatado em seedling nucelar de TKG (2,90 m).
Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), a provider of customer experience systems, announced on Monday (30 July) that the company has signed a five-year services extension agreement with Telkom SA (NYSE: TKG), an integrated communications company in South Africa.
(4) Referring to Germany, the Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG) amended in 2003 states in a similar way in Article 10 that markets should only be subject to ex ante regulation where they do not display any longer-term tendency towards competition.
Likewise, the January 2002 acquisition of The Kernal Group (TKG), he says, enables Veritas to provide new data recovery capabilities for Unix environments that it had previously only offered for the Windows platform, enabling administrators to meet QoSS time-to-recovery demands.