TKHTecmo Koei Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TKHTwentsche Kabel Holding (Dutch: Twentsche Cable Holding; Netherlands; telecommunications)
TKHTakahashi Kokusai Hotel (Japan)
TKHTonifying Kidney Herbs
TKHThe Kids in the Hall (usually seen as KITH)
TKHThe Klingon Hamlet
TKHTechnical Know-How, Inc.
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[3.] Novoselov SI, Novoselova ES, Zavalin AA, Gordeeeva TKh (2006) Microbiota of nitrogen cycle of sod-podzol soil.
Glossary [K.sub.i]: Key encryption key of cluster (subtree) i K([u.sub.i]): Private key of node i [M.sub.d] ([u.sub.i]): Maximum hop distance from node i [S.sub.d] ([u.sub.i]): Sum of hop distances from node i [u.sub.i]: Node i hops([u.sub.i]; [u.sub.j]): Hop distance between nodes i and j KEK: Key encryption key LKH: Logical key hierarchy LN: Logical node MANET: Mobile ad-hoc network RN: Real node TEK: Traffic encryption key TKH: Topological key hierarchy TKsubT: Topological key subtree TKT: Topological key tree TNT: Topological network tree WSN: Wireless sensor network.
The new trip is an obvious concern for Competitive Edge, but his t tkh tf hi supporters can take heart from his breeding as he comes from a stamina-laden family.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 28, 2011-Acquisition of Optelecom-NKF Inc completed by TKH Group(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Both EBM and VMI are subsidiaries of the TKH Group in Haaksbergen.
These significant factors are: seeking global integration (SGI), seeking potential advantages (SPA), scale advantages (SA), international experience (IE), market attractiveness (MA), and the tacitness of know-how (TKH).
Lakesight Technologies has been acquired by the TKH Group, the Netherlands-based company that owns Allied Vision, NET and LMI Technologies.
Next year, an ILS system will be installed at the 23-end of the runway along with a new airfield lighting system, supplied by TKH Airport Solutions.
It has been Roy of the Rovers stuff for Kane as he must have thought his career was fading away when he was loaned out to Leyton tKh ca aw l loan ONL Orient, Millwall, Norwich and Leicester.
TKH [12] generates a key tree by using the underlying network topology for energy efficiency.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 26, 2011-Stockholders of Optelecom-NKF approve merger with TKH Group(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS