TKITyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
TKITe Kete Ipurangi (New Zealand)
TKITenaga Kerja Indonesia
TKITurkiye Komur Isletmeleri (Turkey)
TKITrial Kit Installation
TKIThe Kid's International (music group)
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In this study we evaluated mRCC patients who were initially treated on the first-line National Cancer Institute (NCI) trial with the TKI, cediranib, to determine the efficacy and tolerability of subsequent therapies.
Bu yazinin amaci, KML'nin uzun klinik seyri boyunca yapilan TKI uygulamalarinin kritik basamaklarini randomize klinik calisma verileri ve uluslararasi rehberler isiginda irdelemektir.
EGFR polysomy and amplification do not predict response to EGFR TKI therapy as consistently in clinical trials and, therefore, EGFR fluorescence in situ hybridization is not as dependable for selecting patients for EGFR TKI therapy.
Because of this, EEJA has seen great growth potential in the entire United States, and decided to assign TKI and VEM as new distributors for its plating equipment.
Besides the concept creation and development, TKI is also responsible for the design, branding, tendering, menu development and the operation of Shisu FM.
Following the concept creation and development, TKI will be responsible for the design, branding, tendering, menu development, and the operation of Shisu FM once it opens in June 2013.
Johnson, who has been with TKI for more than two decades, will officially retire during the fourth quarter of 2013 and will assist with transitional matters until then.
Responses in chronic-phase patients who had received only one prior TKI (N=19)
After successfully managing the various aspects of the preopening period, TKI has now been assigned the management of the complex.
When the BH3 drugs were added to the TKI therapy in experiments conducted on cancer cells with the BIM gene variant, we were able to overcome the resistance conferred by the gene.
TKI Malaysia aims to expand sales channels of various industrial precious metal products in Malaysia by focusing on local customers to conduct R&D and sales with lead-free silver paste used as power semiconductor adhesive as its main product.