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TKIPTemporal Key Integrity Protocol (formerly WEP2)
TKIPTemporal Key Integrity Protocol
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AES uses a 128-bit cipher that is significantly more difficult to crack than the RC4 algorithm used by TKIP and WEP.
Una vez logrado el acceso, TKIP entra en funcionamiento para garantizar la seguridad del acceso.
11i will include implementation of TKIP, as well as advanced encryption standards (AES).
Advanced encryption engine supports WEP, TKIP and AES
Abarca los protocolos 8022, TKIP (Protocolo de Integridad de Claves Temporales) y AES (Estandar de Cifrado Avanzado).
11i/WPA2 are: pre-authentication, which enables secure fast roaming without noticeable signal latency: and the use of the CCMP cipher suite in place of TKIP.
5 mm OTHER FEATURES * Antenna * Wireless security with AND SPECS options can SPA-PSK TKIP be either * Secure end-to-end built-in communication with Advanced antenna Encryption Standards (AES) attached to * Wired Ethernet-to-Wireless the PCB or bridging can be an external antenna attached with a miniature RF cable.
11i) authentication and encryption standards, allow the use of central RADIUS servers, support the automatic bridge mode and protect connections with TKIP or AES coding, the company claims.
For encryption, WPA employs a technology called temporal key integrity protocol, or TKIE TKIP constantly replaces security keys using a complex algorithm, while encrypting and adding data-integrity features.
1x and WPA with TKIP and AES with a future firmware upgrade.
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