TKKTeknillinen korkeakoulu (Helsinki University of Technology)
TKKToray Industries, Inc. (stock symbol; Japan)
TKKThrill Kill Kult (aka My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult; band)
TKKMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (band)
TKKThe Krusty Krab (fictional fast food restaurant)
TKKTruk, Caroline Islands, Micronesia - Truk (Airport Code)
TKKToa Kila Kitu
TKKTofik Kanbay Khanmamedov (TKK Company; Houston, TX)
TKKThe Kingdom Key (Kingdom Hearts gaming forum)
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PC Matic is excited to be working with TKK Electronics to deliver our award-winning endpoint security and ransomware prevention solutions to fire departments, police departments and EMS organizations across the US," said Rob Cheng, CEO & Founder of PC Matic.
On top of that, Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, TKK as a new Full Member of LPPM, will provide both general customers managing assets and corporate clients dealing with industrial products with services of more advanced reassurance and high reliability.
For the time being, only Eti Maden (boron), TKI (lignite) and TKK (hard coal) have survived as state-owned mining companies since Eti Bank's original break-up.
In particular, TKK (the NRA in Austria) stated that some of the areas did not need any ex ante regulation given the competitive pressure.
Also during the year, Empils added new product categories--sealing foams and sealants--to its product range through a partnership with Slovenia-based TKK Srpenica.
Standing vertical jump height was measured using a jump meter (Jump MD, TKK 5106; Takei Yashiroda, Japan).
A JV of Japan's TKK, South Korea's Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co.
Various Components: Amphenol Japan, Degson Electronics, TKK, Samtech Japan, etc.
Ricardo Lyon, en Andres de Fuenzalida No 18 esta TKK, una libreria reciente, cuyo dueno, Joan Usano, nos recomienda El mar de John Banville en editorial Anagrama; tambien Elsonido de la montana de Yasunari Kawabata de Emece y de J.
Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Rock Engineering A Research Report 34, Espoo, TKK KAL A 34, pages 58.
His father Roger had bought him a computer and he had been drawn into the world of hacking to such an extent that he had carved TKK ( one of the crew's nicknames ( into his wardrobe.