TKMSThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Germany)
TKMSTurn-Key Modular Systems, Inc. (Canada)
TKMSTactical Key Management System (WIN-T Army program)
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TKMS AB with about 900 employees designs, builds and maintains naval systems such as submarines and surface vessels, besides air independent propulsion (AIP) systems based on Stirling technology, submarine rescue vehicles and mine counter measures systems and it reported sales of about SEK1.
Finally, ThyssenKrupp Group's board and the Swedish Competition Authority have to both approve the transaction, which are expected during July 2014 and following that, the takeover of TKMS AB will be completed.
Platforms alleged to be offered include the TKMS Type 214, the Saab NGU, the Navantia S 80 and the DCN S Scorpene, the latter being offered with MBDA Scalp-Naval long-range strike missile.
In addition to the Portuguese and Greek navies' Type 214 related contracts, TKMS was contracted in 2011 to provide six advanced AIP-equipped Type 214TNs (Turkish Navy) as of 2015.
All the main submarine builders are reported to be proposing AIP-equipped submarines, including TKMS with Type 214, DCNS with the Scorpene, Navantia with the S-80 and Russia's Admiralty Shipyard with the Amur 1650, the export version of Lada-class submarine equipped with vertical missile launchers.
The long-term relationship between TKMS and DSME with the local construction of the Type 209/214, as well as the desire to develop a local underwater systems industry, has led to a win in the first international tender to provide three Type 209s to Indonesia and develop follow-on larger platforms with enhanced capabilities for South Korea.
In November 2013, Singapore announced the acquisition of two advanced TKMS Type-218SGs to join its Archer-class boats and replace the Swedish Challenger-class by 2020.
The Atlas Naval Combat System (ANCS) developed by the newly founded Joint Einsatzsystem Team (JET) consisting of TKMS and Atlas Elektronik, runs on an open and distributed-architecture computer system, which is paired with the Atlas Tactical Data Link System (ADLiS), providing interface between Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22.
In March 2012, Algerian MoD assigned to TKMS a contract of undisclosed value but reported between [euro]2.
Caption: Algeria has awarded TKMS a contract for the delivery of two A-200 Meko frigates together with six AgustaWestland Super Lynx naval helicopter.
The carbon dioxide scrubber system will be designed and built at the TPG Maritime facility in Portsmouth with delivery to TKMS scheduled for Q4 2017.
Phil Cartmell, Chief Executive of TP Group commented: "We are delighted to have secured this contract with TKMS, a new European customer for TPG.