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TKOTechnical Knock Out
TKOTelkom Knock Out (soccer)
TKOTotal Kooling Option
TKOTseung Kwan O (Hong Kong city)
TKOTotal Knock Out
TKOTo Keep Open (medical; IVs)
TKOTurn Key Operation
TKOTeras Kasi Order (Star Wars)
TKOTotally Kitchen Obsessed
TKOTeam Knock Out (gaming)
TKOTrue Kings Only (graffiti crew)
TKOTotally Kids Only
TKOTequila, Kahlua, and Ouzo (mixed drink)
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TKO Miller has served clients in a range of industries, including manufacturing, business services, consumer products, and industrial products and services.
The acquisition followed an extensive evaluation designed to ensure that AviontAaAaAeA@ will offer the right technology platform and tools meet the needs of TKO customers, while enabling them to become more efficient and to build competitive advantages that drive growth.
Polomba proved too difficult an opponent for Chester as she won by TKO in the first round after the referee had called for a pause.
May 17, 2008 Anthony Cannon (4-8) Freeport Hall, Dorchester TKO 4
If we could apply TKO to both loads, which we cannot do because they are so different, the .
Though the TKO Thermalweight doors have suffered the same collisions as the Olney facility's previous doors, "They have been working very well," says Weick.
It should be a comfortable fit - TKO reportedly has a 70% share of the knockout door market since developing its approach to this product type in 1995.
According to the company, the CD Library TKO provides quick network access to frequently used data, efficient near-line storage, and retrieval of large volumes of information.
During the past year, TKO has worked with Lechters on a variety of projects including Lechters' annual report.
Though the fight ended after Dy suffered an eye injury, Caceres had the better offensive game, hitting Dy from all corners before the referee awarded the American the second round TKO.
Having founded the TKO Boxercise class, Ben has been able to create a unique and fun way to incorporate boxing techniques for clients, which allows them to both develop physically whilst also giving them an opportunity to meet new people at the same time.