TKOCThe Kingdom of Chaos (online game)
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TKOC is a joint-venture company with the majority shareholders being Petrochemical Industries Company (K.
EQUATE Petrochemical Company is the single operator of Greater EQUATE, which includes TKSC, KPPC and TKOC, under one fully integrated operational umbrella at Kuwaits Shuaiba Industrial Area.
To be on stream in 2007, the TKOC complex will have a nameplate capacity of 850,000 t/y of ethylene out of ethane, 450,000 t/y of PE using Dow's (UCC's) Unipol technology, and 600,000 t/y of ethylene glycol/ethylene oxide (EG/EO) based on UCC's Meteor technology.
The company received excellent dividends from Equate and TKOC totaling to KD14.
16 million owing to the increase in the fair value of Equate and TKOC investments.