TKRSTotal Knee Replacement Surgery
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[1] describe three cases of CK and advocates conservative management due to the risk of postoperative complications following a total knee replacement (TKR) (prosthesis unknown) in two of their cases (ongoing bone loss and prosthesis dislocation).
In the search for better and more effective anticancer drugs, multikinase inhibitors were developed to achieve greater inhibition of TKR and downstream signaling.
Table 1 demonstrated the characteristics of all 299 TKRs and the subgroup of patients based on the need of postoperative blood transfusion.
Of over 215,000 records of knee replacement collected from all patients undergoing TKR in England during 2008-2012, Dr.
Although one of the more successful orthopaedic surgeries, total knee replacements (TKR), like other major operations, carry risks and require considerable rehabilitation.
Around 70,000 total knee replacements (TKR) are performed in the UK each year.
In-hospital postoperative mortality was found to be increased in SLE patients, compared with rheumatoid arthritis patients or controls undergoing TKR or THR in a study of more than 1.5 million TKRs and THRs included in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample for 1993-2006.
/tests/LookupOntology.owl) Besides the trading and software agents mentioned above, the third key feature in the development of the TKRS is the ontologies (see Section 4 for further details).
The threshold for offering total knee replacement (TKR) has not been clearly defined.
2012, found that introducing decision aids (including brochures and DVDs that detailed the joint replacement procedure and any possible complications that might follow it into a large Seattle-based health care system led to 38 percent fewer TKRs as people elected to follow a more conservative approach.
Total knee replacement (TKR) is an effective and cost-effective intervention for advanced osteoarthritis (OA).
The c-kit gene is a member of the type III TKR family, which includes platelet-derived growth factor receptors (PDGFRs) (12-14).