TKSSTanjong Katong Secondary School (Singapore)
TKSSTweet-Kick Schäl Sick (podcast; Germany)
TKSSTelok Kurau Secondary School (Singapore)
TKSSTalk Kok Sing Song
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Independent TKSS ratings were conducted by the trainers in June 2006, after teachers had received all 40 hours of professional development and the trainers had conducted four observations of each teacher.
The mastery of the material was measured through TKSS scores, which were conducted by the two trainers during four classroom visitations.
Pearson product correlations were then utilized to determine any significant relationships between TRF change scores and TKSS scores.
Large inverse correlations were found between overall TKSS and TRF Total Problems (r = -.
The covariate measured in the ANCOVAs was the TKSS teacher knowledge total score.
As indicated in Table 3, all five teacher domains of the TKSS demonstrated statistically significant interaction effects on student problem behavior at the p < .
check-in, checkout system, positive adult attention) as were measured by the TKSS (Hawken & O'Neill).