TKUTokyo Keizai University (Tokyo, Japan)
TKUThank You
TKUTrustee Knowledge and Understanding
TKUTrue Kilometers Unknown
TKUThe Kristet Utseende (Swedish)
TKUTurku, Finland - Turku (Airport Code)
TKUTideway Knowledge Update (Tideway Systems)
TKUTons per Kilometer (cargo unit)
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An investigation by the TKU resulted in the other members of the gang being arrested.
Here, the contributor Huesos personifies the specialized expert, while Yvwv (also known as TKU) corresponds to a generalized expert.
Palmberg TKU Oy will act as the general contractor for the project, which is worth EUR26.8m and encompasses a gross floor area of 22,360 square metres.
In terms of monitoring, the regulator can ask trustees what they are doing to meet the TKU requirements.
to 8:30 a.m.) Loadings Node Variance Standard deviation [PC.sub.1] [PC.sub.2] OTA 2,352 48.50 0.444 0.302 WKM 1,977 44.47 0.407 0.243 TMN 2,002 44.75 0.395 0.411 SFD 1,550 39.38 0.366 -0.002 TKU 1,623 40.28 0.359 -0.334 HAY 1,664 40.79 0.377 -0.196 BEN 1,160 34.05 0.276 -0.729 Total 12,328 Weighted average Regression on Regression on [PC.sub.1] [PC.sub.1] and [PC.sub.2] Node [R.sup.2] Standard error [R.sup.2] Standard error OTA 0.960 9.76 0.974 7.83 WKM 0.958 9.16 0.969 7.88 TMN 0.892 14.73 0.923 12.43 SFD 0.985 4.77 0.985 4.77 TKU 0.906 12.37 0.931 10.57 HAY 0.977 6.14 0.986 4.85 BEN 0.753 16.94 0.922 9.50 Total Weighted average 0.927 0.957 Notes: The analysis uses filtered prices during the period November 1996 to April 2005.
Tenders are invited for wa0887916 watts complete rubble part kit for 4" 09 rk 709 rt, two (2) wa0794020 watts 4 lfrk709s seal kit led free, fabco 90527 rubber parts kit for 880v 3", febco 905316 rel valve kit 3 880, febco 905189 rubber parts kit for 6 860, apollo 40-003 tfk test kit ftg and apollo 40-200 tku.
Long and DMM-PAK Section: Signal & Telecom work in connection with the RUB in lieu of LC No 57.(TKU yard) over Guntakal Division of South Central Railway-
In the Project sites, effectiveness of KAIZEN is recognized among relevant government officials; and ability to develop and implement a framework for dissemination of KAIZEN practices is acquired by the MIT (TKU)/SIDO/CBE.
: Initially, the respective first street cabinet (CPC) of the local phone company (TKU) in the subsite
There is the possibility of the first cable distributor (CPC) of the local telecommunications company (TKU) in the suburb of Jestetten with the first and only street cabinet (CPC) to drive in the suburb of Altenburg.
It is possible, the first cable distributor (CPC) of the local telecommunications company (TKU) in a suburb Jestetten with the first and only cable distributor (CPC) to be approached in a suburb Altenburg.