TKWThousand Kernel Weight
TKWTenaga Kerja Wanita (Indonesian: Women’s Labor)
TKWTotal Known Weight (also seen as Total Known Mass; meteorite measurement)
TKWThe Klingon Way (book)
TKWTechniczny Koszt Wytworzenia (Polish: Technical Production Cost)
TKWThe Known World
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The deception came to light when a paralegal working for TKW accidentally sent the original medical report to the insurer dealing with the claim.
Partitioning the genotype effect indicated significant differences between all parents for HD, PH, SN, TKW, SW, GN, BIO, and HI, and significant interpopulation differences for HD, PH, and GN.
This factor was not significant for NS.[m.sup.-2], NG.[S.sup.-1], WS, and TKW. Moreover, interaction effect between genotype x years was very highly significant for NDH, PH, PL, SL, NG.[S.sup.-1], BIO, also for NP.[m.sup.-2] and GY and the opposite for NS.[m.sup.-2]; LA, WS and TKW.
In this section, we compare the results of fitting the TKw and Kw distributions to a real data set.
Independently of the urea-based fertilizer (A, B or C), N rates had an effect on kernel protein content (%), on test weight (kg 100 [L.sup.-1]), on the thousand kernel weight (TKW, g), on moist gluten content (%), on flour extraction (%) and on the color [b.sup.*] parameter.
Relative a thousand kernel weights (TKW) were calculated by dividing a TKW from blighted plot to TKW from respective control plots (Miedaner et al.
The very title of The Known World (henceforth TKW) prepares us for an exploration of the limits of mobility, and the very name of the absent figure at the center of the story (readable as almost heavy-handed when we space it out: Henry Town's-end) brings those limits to the center of locus: it is the Townsend family that will not be able to escape from slavery even after they have escaped.
The AAAP budget for November 2012 to October 2014 was presented, with a planned income of $28,018 + 10,782 TKW, total expenditure of $1,600 + 2,800 TKW, and projected balance of $26,418 + 7,982 TKW.
Douglas Eckmann, P.E., BCEE joins TKW Consulting Engineers Inc.
(59) Public outrage over the ill-treatment and execution of Indonesian maids in countries such as Saudi Arabia led the government to impose temporary moratoriums on sending female labour or "TKW" abroad.