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TL1Transaction Language One
TL1Transaction Language 1
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It is concluded that a feedback mechanism for two transmission lines of TL1 and TL2 is very important to improve the power division ratio for the three-port power divider.
The 333 lines included 15 D[H.sub.1] plants from the crosses of the bay-TE transgenic parent TL1 with the three nontransgenic cultivars and 318 D[H.sub.1] plants from the crosses of the cuphea-TE transgenic parent TL6 with the same three cultivars.
The UBSView EMS provides comprehensive remote management, remote provisioning, and alarm surveillance capabilities using standard Craft interfaces, CLI or TL1. UBSView simplifies subscriber and configuration management by supporting "one-click upgrades" for any installed system; with a click of the mouse, NOC personnel can upgrade system software for all UBS products in the field.
Progard TL1 and Progard TL2 sanitizing pretreatment packs automate the sanitization process for proprietary Elix and Ri0s water purification systems.
The NetGuardian NC is a TCP/IP enabled device, with an integrated web server, and collects TL1 and SNMP alarm reporting.
On March 30, the average dollar price was TL1,098,368, weaker than March 29's average of TL1,013,635, representing a depreciation of around 37% since the flotation).
10 subsystems support covers the Enterprise St orage Server 2105 F10 and F20, the ExPlus 2104 DL1 and TL1, the IBM 7133 D40 and T40, and the Fibre Channel RAID Server.
The system is built on open standards and supports multiple protocols, such as SNMP, TL1 and ASCII, and seamlessly integrates into higher level managers through available TMN (Q3) and CORBA interfaces.
The SCSI-based IBM 2104 expandable storage plus models DL1 and TL1. A 32U 19" rack can hold nine DL1 drawers; TL1 is a tower configuration.
According to Turkish Cypriot daily Detay, the number of applications for 'white cards' increased since February 17 when the price was dropped from TL2,000 (e1/4622) to TL1,000 (e1/4311).