TLAAThai Life Assurance Association
TLAAThyroid-Lupus Autoantigen
TLAATime Limited Ageing Analysis (nuclear power)
TLAATiwa Liberation Army of Assam (India)
TLAAT Lymphocyte Associated Antigen (immunology)
TLAATasmanian Little Athletic Association
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At the request of some members of the Labour constituency at NEDLAC during 2014, the retirement-related reforms in the 2013 TLAA were postponed by a year to 1 March 2016 to allow for further consultations between Government and NEDLAC.
Option 1, which is the preferred option of the National Treasury and many stakeholders (including some labour federations), entails proceeding with TLAA 2013 tax and retirement reform provisions on 1 March 2016 as legislated, with the only adjustment being to increase the de minimis to R250 000.
of Sylvan Lawrence Company, asserted, "We are pleased that TLAA has selected us to manage this distinctive property.