TLAM-CTomahawk Land Attack Missile-Conventional
TLAM-CTomahawk Land-Attack Missile - Conventional Warhead
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Use of the Calcm was limited by the fact that it had a non-penetrating blast warhead and its average miss distance was twice that of a Tomahawk Tlam-C Block II.
One of the drawbacks to the use of the Tlam-C Block II in 1991 was that its Tercom/Dsmac guidance system required up to 80 hours of planning, assuming that the necessary terrain data and imagery were available.
Meanwhile, 100 of the remaining 700 Tlam-C Block IIs were to be upgraded to IIIC standard at a unit cost of $ 0.375 million and a further 324 to IIID standard with BLU-97/B combined effect bomblets, at a unit cost of $ 0.4 million.