TLAM-NTactical Land Attack Missile - Nuclear
TLAM-NTomahawk Land-Attack Missile - Nuclear Warhead
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Schlesinger showed support for retaining TLAM-N for Japan in the foreseeable future, saying that ''removing part of the maritime capability relating to the defense of Japan, a maritime nation, would be a matter that we would be attentive to.''
The commission's recommendation in the final report says, ''The United States should also retain capabilities for the delivery of non-strategic nuclear weapons and proceed in close consultation with allies in Europe and Asia in doing so.'' TLAM-N is one of a few delivery systems for ''non-strategic nuclear weapons.''
According to Lewis, TLAM-N ''can drift off course and fly into the terrain that is supposed to guide it.'' The targeting system of TLAM-N, which is not equipped with GPS due to concerns about jamming and spoofing, is unstable and unpredictable compared to other conventional mid-range missiles.