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TLANThunder Lan
TLANTransparent Lan
TLANTransparent Local Area Network
TLANTomahawk Missile, Land Attack, Nuclear
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A rutted dirt road descends a steep hillside to Tlan Nacu, Victor Vallejo's vanilla plantation on the outskirts of Papantla, in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz.
This is strongly indicated by the fact that the opening sentence, much more tlan what follows, is full of the language of Greek (Stoic) cosmology: [Greek Text Omitted], [Greek Text Omitted], [Greek Text Omitted], [Greek Text Omitted].(29) It is evidently a philosophical interpretation of Sanchuniathon's description of the initial state of the world, not a literal translation, and as such it must be put to Philo's account; Eusebius would not have undertaken such an operation.
Such communities traditionally are more conservative and traditional tlan more urban communities.
SCOTLAN TLAN TLA D winger Sean Lamont last night urged rugby chiefs to consider a change to the high ball rule that saw Finn Russell banned R for dangerous play against Welshman Dan Biggar.
(59) Vease en Allan Brewer Carias, Las Constituciones de Venezuela (Caracas: Academia de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales, Tomo I, 2008), 122-131, las Constituciones Provinciales anteriores y posteriores a la Constitucion Federal de los Estados de Venezuela (1811): "Plan de Gobierno" de la Provincia de Barinas (26-3-1811); "Constitucion Provisional de la Provincia de Merida" (31-7-1811); 'Tlan de Constitucion Provisional Gubernativo de la Provincia de Trujillo" (2-9-1811); "Constitucion Fundamental de la Republica de Barcelona Colombiana" (12-1-1812); "Constitucion para el gobierno y administracion interior de la Provincia de Caracas" (31-1-1812).
Finally, there is the White-Ta e- iled Eagle which 'outkings' the Golden Eagle in size and is a great symbol of ScoScotl tlan and' d's most nob noble le and va vali lian ant traditio ions.