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The tMAP had larger values than tLAP, which is similar to the previous reports (Hitt et al.; Kwak et al.).
Un total de 37 rodillas de chinos Han (13 hombres, 9 mujeres) y Mongoles (8 hombres 7 mujeres) se midieron utilizando el programa de imagenes medicas Mimics, y los parametros incluyeron fML (la longitud mediolateral femoral), fLAP (la longitud anteroposterior del condilo lateral del femur), fMAP (la longitud anteroposterior del condilo medial del femur), tML (la longitud mediolateral de la tibia), tLAP (la longitud anteroposterior lateral de la tibia) y tMAP (la longitud anteroposterior media de la tibia), la relacion de aspecto (definida como fML / fAP y tML / tAP;).
Measurements Mongolian male Mongolian female tML 78.00[+ or -]3.80 66.71[+ or -]3.52 tLAP 40.17[+ or -]3.09 32.91[+ or -]1.68 tMAP 48.65[+ or -]3.00 41.97[+ or -]2.48 Aspect 1.60[+ or -]0.04 1.59[+ or -]0.13 ratio(tML/tAP) Measurements Chinese male Chinese female tML 74.68[+ or -]4.27 65.82[+ or -]3.51 tLAP 36.13[+ or -]2.96 31.12[+ or -]2.91 tMAP 44.54[+ or -]3.02 40.11[+ or -]3.80 Aspect 1.68[+ or -]0.10 1.65[+ or -]0.10 ratio(tML/tAP)
Ol' Chumbucket of TLAP Day explains his support of the contest this way, "Aarrr!
TLAP Day is the concoction of John Bauer (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mike Summers, who one day decided that what the world really needed was a new international holiday, "Talk Like A Pirate Day." For more information, see
The socialization diversity measure, CV12, and the common experience diversity measure, TLAP, both retain positive effects in the midst of controls for the other processes.
Table 7 Correlations of Various Tenure-based Measures with Heterogeneity of Culture Using Simulation Data for All Conditions Sample with initial Sample with initial CEO enculturation CEO enculturation set at mean set at unity Variable (N = 32,000) (N = 32,000) Combined heterogeneity: CV of LOS .30(*) .28(*) Heterogeneity from socialization: CV12 .35(*) .56(*) Heterogeneity from team cohesiveness: ETLAST .28(*) .35(*) Heterogeneity from common experiences: TLAP .15(*) .41(*) * p [less than or equal to] .05.
Here, [] is calculated [T.sub.a] in each elevation band ([degrees]C), [T.sub.a] is temperature recorded at a monitoring gage ([degrees]C), [] is mean elevation of each elevation band (m), [EL.sub.gage] is elevation of an existing monitoring gage (m), TLAPS is temperature lapse rate ([degrees]C/km), and 1000 is a unit conversion factor from meters to kilometers.
TLAPS is only included in the [ElevT.sub.a] scenario.
One of the most influential parameters in the [ElevT.sub.a] scenario is TLAPS, which is related to elevation change.