TLARThat Looks About Right
TLARTechnical Large Animal Rescue (Felton, CA)
TLARTop Level Aircraft Requirements (aircraft manufacturing)
TLARTurkish League Against Rheumatism (Ankara, Turkey)
TLARThe Learning Assistance Review (National College Learning Center Association)
TLARTransporter-Launcher and Radar (air defense missile systems)
TLARThe Last Arms Race (band)
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In the 70th anniversary of TLAR, we commemorate the esteemed researchers who have contributed to the association in its establishment and beyond.
EULAR representation in Turkey has been carried on by the partnership of Rheumatology Society of Turkey and TLAR since 2014.
According to a company press release, Bulletin MPAR MP-series and TLAR TL-series electric cylinders provide a dynamic, precise response for a wide range of linear motion applications.
Our patients received ZLN, ZLE as 1st line regimens of ART and TLAR, TLLR as 2nd line regimens of ART.
In item 3, when speaking of "improvement", our committee members of TLAR suggested to add "composite indices" including Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI) and Simplified Disease Activity Index (SDAI) since they are the strict indices of remission, as well as to use these indices together with Disease Activity Score 28 (DAS28).
This project is the second study of TLAR in which the opinions of the experts were received about treatment of RA to generate a countrywide effective, reliable, and sustainable treatment algorithm of RA.
At the end of five Delphi rounds, 19 propositions (one for general principles, nine for non-pharmacologic treatments, seven for pharmacologic treatments, and two for surgical treatments) were suggested as TLAR evidence-based recommendations for the management of knee OA (Table 3).
In April 2010, TLAR made a general announcement to members by e-mail to determine which experts desired to participate in the development of recommendations for the management of RA and requested for those who were interested to fill out a form consisting of their experience, knowledge, skills, and scientific publications in the field of RA.