TLBRThrows Left Bats Right (baseball)
TLBRTop, Left, Bottom, Right (screen coordinates)
TLBRTranslation Lookaside Buffer Read (computing)
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Nizeki, "A method for suppressing polarizarion phenomena in TlBr detectors," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, A585, pp.
The X-ray diffraction pattern of TlBr salt exhibited a complete set of reflections (Figure 3(a)), while the typical X-ray diffraction pattern of TlBr crystals grown in this work presented only a reflection line (Figures 3(b) and 3(c)).
For the TlBr crystal grown once, it was not possible to observe the photopeak profile because the pulses generated fall in the electrical noise region.
described a similar observation in their result of resistivity measurements correlated to the number of zone-refining passes carried out in the TlBr purification.
The repeated Bridgman method was efficient to purify the TlBr crystals and to improve their performance as radiation detectors.
It can be seen that the SFOAE rises rapidly in the bottom region, remains stable in the middle region, and descends in the top region for the TLTR and TLBR; it also descends in the bottom region, rises in the middle region, and remains stable in the top region for the BLBR and BLTR.
It can be seen that the rise of outdoor airflow promotes the mean SFOAE to increase for the TLTR, TLBR, and BLTR and decrease for the BLBR.
It can be found that the increase of reactant A concentration for outdoor air of ventilation at the inlet causes the mean SFOAE to rise and then descend for the TLTR but to rise for the TLBR and descend for the BLBR and BLTR.
It can be seen that the SFOAE rises for the TLTR, BLBR, and BLTR and descends for the TLBR, as the source intensity of reactant B increases.
Alloys of the subsystem TlBr-[Tl.sub.2]S-[Tl.sub.2][S.sub.3] were prepared by blending and interacting TlBr and [Tl.sub.2]S compounds and elemental sulphur in various ratios in evacuated quartz vessels.
[DELT][Z.sup.0] ([Tl.sub.6][SBr.sub.4]) = [DELTA] [[bar.Z].sub.TI] + 4[DELTA][Z.sup.0] (TlBr) + [DELTA][Z.sup.0] (TlS), (5)
[S.sup.o] ([Tl.sub.6][SBr.sub.4]) = [DELTA][[bar.S].sub.Tl] + [S.sup.0] (Tl) + 4[S.sup.0] (TlBr) + [S.sup.0] (TlS).