TLBRThrows Left Bats Right (baseball)
TLBRTop, Left, Bottom, Right (screen coordinates)
TLBRTranslation Lookaside Buffer Read (computing)
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It can be seen that the rise of outdoor airflow promotes the mean SFOAE to increase for the TLTR, TLBR, and BLTR and decrease for the BLBR.
It can be found that the increase of reactant A concentration for outdoor air of ventilation at the inlet causes the mean SFOAE to rise and then descend for the TLTR but to rise for the TLBR and descend for the BLBR and BLTR.
In addition, it is worth pointing out that the mean SFOAE of the human respiration zone for the BLBR is the lowest for different outdoor airflow, outdoor air quality or reactant B source intensity, compared with those for the TLTR, TLBR, and BLTR.