TLC-ETerritory Logistics Center-East
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Fit statistics for the items of the TLC-e in the first, second and third grades did not exceed the reference value of 1.5.
Low correlations for the TLC-e were also found in the four grades (38 items, 25 items, 17 items and 15 items, respectively, in the first, second, third and fourth grades).
On the TLC-e, there were 11 items in this condition in the first grade, eight items in the second grade, four items in the third grade and four items in the fourth grade.
In the TLC-e, the critical value of [absolute value of 1.96] was exceeded in eight of the 48 common items between the first and the second grade, five of the 58 common items between the second and the third grade and six of the 64 common items between the third and the fourth grade.
For the TLC-e forms, the difficulty of the anchor items ranged: (a) between the TLC-e-1 and the TLC-e-2, from -0.71 to 0.62 in the first grade and -0.92 to 0.63 in the second grade; (b) between the TLC-e-2 and the TLC-e-3, from -0.57 to 1.36 in the second grade and -0.65 to 1.43 in the third grade; (c) between the TLC-e-3 and the TLC-e-4, from -0.33 to 1.61 in the third grade and -0.11 to 1.93 in the fourth grade.
Thirty items were selected for each form of the TLC-n and the TLC-e, including 10 anchor items, representing 33% of the total number of items.