TLCBTwo-Lined Chestnut Borer (insect)
TLCBThai Licensed Customs Brokers Association (Thailand)
TLCBThe Last Chance Boyz (band)
TLCBThailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood, Inc. (Locust Grove, GA)
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(5) Pathologists should analyze TLCB samples by using the same criteria as those accepted for SLB samples but, in order to increase the clinical utility and the possibility to implement scientific studies, a standardized report could be useful.
"For the TLCB Thin Load Cell, we took a popular European-style load cell that allows for minimal machine space requirements and created a larger size, which has been a major request from our customer base."
Para que el Sumitomo Trust Bank acepte absorber al TLCB, pedira al gobierno le inyecte fondos publicos y este ultimo solicitara al gobierno que asuma sus gigantescas deudas no recuperables, que se elevan a 9 mil 700 millones de dolares.