TLCCTotal Life-Cycle Cost
TLCCThe Life Christian Church
TLCCT.L. Cannon Companies (est. 1990; Williamsville, NY)
TLCCTexas Land Cruiser Club (Houston, TX)
TLCCThin Line Connectivity Capability
TLCCTerrace Lake Community Church (Columbus, IN)
TLCCTheater Logistics Coordination Center
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* Twinlab Consolidated (OTC: TLCC) stock hit $0.35 on Wednesday morning, setting a new 52-week low for a change of down 5.41%.
Jotna is the parent company of TLCC, the makers of La Casera Apple drink.
Docked in TLCC's lakeside are lightweight boats, which might appear peculiar at first glance.
In addition to its namesake brand, Twinlab, established in 1968, TLCC, through TCC and its subsidiaries, also manufactures and sells other well-known category leaders including the Metabolife line of diet and energy products; the Twinlab Fuel line of sports nutrition products; Alvita teas, established in 1922 as a single-herb tea line; Trigosamine joint support products as well other health and wellness brands.
Pusod TLCC serves as a "knowledge center" established by Pusod Inc.
Where: RR [equivalent to] Required Revenues; TLCC [equivalent to] Total Life-Cycle Cost; [C.sub.ot] [equivalent to] Cash outflows in period t; i [equivalent to] Discount rate and t [equivalent to] Number of outflows periods.
Indeed it may well prove to be a boomerang, because it opens up a whole field of serious possibilities: the right of a national or international to govern itself, to enact laws and amend or revise its constitution at national or international conventions, by the democratic rule of trial and error, retaining what is good and discarding what is bad." LAC, TLCC, MG 28 1103, vol.
The formation of the TLCC was a major step in the fight for better, more humane working conditions.
The "western exceptionalist" position, most fully evoked by Bercuson, is buttressed by the split that occurred at the September 1918 Quebec City convention of the TLCC. At the congress western resolutions favouring industrial unionism and other radical positions were repeatedly voted down although, as Kealey points out, they received significant, albeit minority, support from eastern Canadian delegates.
20 August 2015 - US-based holding company Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc.'s (OTCPK: TLCC) Twinlab Consolidation Corp.
One of the first examples of cooperation between organized labour and the churches was between the TLCC and the Lord' s Day Alliance [LDA], an organization formed by the Protestant churches in 1889 which sought legislation to secure the day of rest.
There, moreover, the unions were split into three rival labour "centres," the TLCC (which had roughly 70 per cent of Canada's 322,449 trade unionists), the All-Canadian Congress of Labour (which, as its name suggests, had its raison d'etre in anti-Americanism), and the Quebec-based and church-run Federation of Catholic Workers of Canada [FCWC], while the federal government's late 1920s open-door immigration policy intensified ethnic divisions within the working class.