TLCDTuned Liquid Column Damper (engineering)
TLCDTop-Level Context Diagram
TLCDTransmissive Liquid Crystal Display
TLCDTactical Low Cost Drone
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Three passive controllers included in this study, TLD, TLCD, and TMD systems, were used as shown in Figures 1(b), 1(c), and 1(d), respectively.
Figure 4 illustrates the time series of seismic shaking table signals and acceleration responses for the uncontrolled system and also for the controlled systems by using TMD, TLD, and TLCD where the entire system was under seismic load effects.
From Figure 4, the maximum seismic excitation occurred at 11.53 seconds, while the maximum acceleration response of the uncontrolled, TMD, TLD, and TLCD systems occurred at 12.71, 7.85, 10.40, and 10.95 seconds, respectively.
7) Using innovative structural systems such as the diagrid form, outrigger systems with larger moment arms, exterior shear wall punched for windows, and TMD and TLCD systems;
After the desired controller is obtained, the optimal parameters of TLCD are determined.
columns that is called the tuned liquid column damper (TLCD).
The Dynamics of the Structure with TLCD. The structure of the tuned liquid column damper (TLCD) is shown as Figure 4(a).
TLCD wanted some restructuring of her position and did want someone who would maintain the status quo.
Strict residential criteria and steel lower framing with low inherent damping required two Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (TLCDs) at the top floor.
The main body of the TLCD is a U-shaped water tunnel that consists of two vertical columns connected by a horizontal column filled with liquid, usually water.
For the TLCD to have good damping effects, the functional relationships that determine the damping characteristics must be identified.
Experimental studies on the damping characteristics of a TLCD can be performed using an offshore engineering model basin or a vibration test system on land.