TLCFTechnology Literacy Challenge Fund
TLCFTwo Level Correlation Function (physics)
TLCFTIXS Link Control Facility
TLCFTax Loss Carrying Forward (South Korea)
TLCFT Lymphocyte Colony Formation (hematology)
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Grant programs like TLCF are enabling school districts to purchase new computers for their classrooms.
2) one-half the top tax rate if either taxable income is positive or TLCF is nonpositive; and
3) zero if taxable income is nonpositive and TLCF is positive.
We felt this was one weakness in the TLCF program--there was not enough baseline or post-grant data to determine if the funding made a difference.
Leadership training for administrators and classroom integration training for teachers, coupled with the ability to collaborate with colleagues and experts nationwide, made this TLCF project an experience of phenomenal proportions for the participating K-12 schools.
The TLCF grant gave the Pahokee schools the ability to fund technology," says Dean.
The second instrument distributed in the package of tools was a chart of rubrics designed for tracking progress in the North Carolina TLCF proposals.
TLCF but addresses five areas of the technology program.