TLCLT-Cell Lymphosarcoma Cell Leukemia (oncology)
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TLCLT-large-Cell Lymphoma
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The experimental powder data for end-member synthetic TlCl is given in PDF 6-486; this data should be added to the Mineral File of the PDF and named "lafossaite, syn."
Since then, the TlCl structure has been studied by a number of researchers (Swanson et al., 1955 and references therein), most recently by Smakula and Kalnajs (1955) (PDF calculated pattern 89-4255) and by Popova et al.
The idealized formula, TlCl, requires Tl = 85.22, Cl = 14.78, total = 100.00 weight % and the formula Tl([Cl.sub.0.8][Br.sub.0.2])[.sub.[SIGMA]1.0], requires Tl = 82.17, Cl = 11.40, Br = 6.42, total = 100.00 weight %.