TLCPThermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer
TLCPToxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
TLCPThe Low Carbon Partnership (UK)
TLCPTransnational Law and Contemporary Problems (University of Iowa)
TLCPTeaching-Learning Critical Pathway (Canada)
TLCPTustin Legacy Community Partners (developer; Tustin, CA)
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Combining the aforementioned viscosity and morphology, it is interesting to find that the least deformation of TLCP droplets in PCLCP10.
Therefore, a variety of surface treatments of TLCP have been investigated to enhance the adhesion between TLCP and the metals in the most recent years [20-24].
In this work, the double endothermic behavior and the corresponding morphology of PEEK developed during isothermal crystallization are discussed as a function of TLCP (Vectra[R]) content.
In an earlier study [7], we have reported that the TLCP melt (V400P grade) displayed a threaded texture at rest, which upon start-up of shear flow became deformed.
In the case of Vectra[R], the TLCP is destabilized at high PEEK contents.
that is, from 142 kJ/mol for PET to 153 kJ/mol and 148 kJ/mol for 10 wt% and 20 wt9-of TLCP introduction.
Scattering from rigid rod-like TLCP molecules is concentrated perpendicular to the underlying molecular orientation direction.
In the past, the quantification of the skin layer orientation in a TLCP molded part has often involved the laborious use of 2D-WAXS on microtomed layers.
Because of the unique role that TLCP plays in the reinforced polymer blends, blending a nanocomposite of high viscosity with TLCP is a feasible method to improve its processability without damaging other properties.
In this study, well-dispersed PA6/clay nanocomposite was used to blend with a commercial TLCP (Vectra A950 from Hoechst Celanese).
During processing, the uniaxial orientation of TLCP fibers in TPE is the reason for significant mechanical anisotropy that is seen in the obtained composite.
WG] [%] cross-flow direction shrinkage near the gate TLCP thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer x [wt%] glass bead content [x.