TLDATaqMan Low Density Array
TLDATop Level Domain Association
TLDATemporal Logic of Distributed Actions
TLDATechnology License and Distribution Agreement
TLDATotal Lifetime Distribution Analysis
TLDATexas Laundry and Drycleaning Association
TLDATransforaminal Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty
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TLDA and TLLDA need higher dimension for the maximum performance than TGbLDA .
2) In contrast to TLDA, TGbLDA outperforms obviously, especially on YaleB with obvious nonlinear structure, which illustrates that TGbLDA inherits the nonlinear characteristics of the GbFA.
With the use of the TLDA arrays, miRNA profiling of the KLK6overexpressing OVCAR-3 showed the dysregulation of these miRNAs compared to normal ovarian-derived miRNA, with the decrease in expression of hsa-let-7 family members.
Our TLDA profiling of this KLK6-overexpressing OCa cell line showed that the majority of miRNAs predicted to target KLK6 had decreased expression (Table 1; also see online Supplemental Table 3).
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: TMAD, tissue milling and division; TT1, TissueTube 1; GEMS, grinding-extraction method for tissue splitting; TMAD, tissue milling and division; TLDA, TaqMan low-density array; RIN, RNA integrity number; IL, interleukin; MIP-1[beta], macrophage inflammatory protein-1[beta]; MCP-1, monocyte chemotactic protein-1; RANTES, regulated on activation normal T-cell expressed and secreted; CRP, C-reactive protein; TNFRII, tumor necrosis factor receptor-II; ICAM-1, intercellular adhesion molecule-1; MPO, myeloperoxidase; PAD, peripheral artery disease.
Fold change of relative-quantification values compared with healthy LV tissue (P values in parentheses) for the 19 miRNAs selected after the TLDA array screening.
Where the TLDA stipulates that: "supplemental classes shall run on the most current implementation," both Sun and Microsoft have interpreted "most current implementation" as referring to their own virtual machines, and not to the other's.
Tender notice number : F 4 4 STY TLDA 2010 dt 23 May 2015