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Pellikaan et al., "TLEM 2.0-a comprehensive musculoskeletal geometry dataset for subject-specific modeling of lower extremity," Journal of Biomechanics, vol.
For the viability percentage, the TMC and TM strains showed significantly higher values than the TLEM strain (Figure 1C).
The number of adults emerged per egg was greater for the TM strain when compared to TMC and TLEM with 1.19, 0.98, and 0.94 individuals per egg, respectively (Figure 1D).
By analyzing the sex ratio, there was no significant difference between the TMC and TM strains, having the highest proportions of females compared to the TLEM strain with the lowest proportion (Figure 1E).
armigera eggs was greater with 12.35 days of adult survival in comparison to TMC and TLEM whose strains lasted 9.05 and 9.10 days, thus, the TM strain according to the results, produces females have a greater survival time (Figure 1F).
armigera eggs by the strains TM (31.5%) and TMC (25.9%) was higher compared to the TLEM strain.
However, the release in cultures after several generations of laboratory breeding can reduce their effectiveness due to inbreeding and genetic erosion, which reduces the potential foraging and parasitism rate (Pratissoli et al., 2005), which may justify the performance inferiority of the TLEM strain compared to the TM and TMC strains that were collected in the field.
The TM strain showed the highest average with 12.5 days, representing 3.3 and 3.25 days more longevity compared to TMC and TLEM. Similar results were found by Nava et al.
It has the highest standard and does not compromise whatsoever on education," said Abduljabbar Alsayegh, chairman of Tlem.