TLERtime-limited error recovery (Western Digital hard disk technology)
TLERTime Limited Error Recovery
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Date Vehicle type Emission CO g/mile NMOG g/mile category 50K/100K miles 50K/100K miles See above PC/LDT[greater than or Tler 1 3.4/4.2 0.25/0.31 equal] 3750 TLEV 3.4/4.2 0.125/0.156 lbs.
The V-chip, to be installed in all television sets beginning next year, will screen TV programs only according to the industry's own rating system; until that system is improved, it will be incapable of sub- tler and more helpful judgments.
Leyland deducted advanced payments from previous accounts but Whis tler seethed and said he felt like a common workman.
BAT TLER: Newborn Kimberley; SHE'S GOT BOTTLE: With mum Petra
In late 1886, wagons loaded with set- tlers, would-be entrepreneurs and maverick prospectors set course for a rumoured El Dorado in the South African interior.
Back in 1625 Captain Henry Powell arrived with 80 set tlers and 10 slaves to claim the island for King James I, and Jamestown was born.
Once the colonial settlement was achieved, the Waldensian set tlers sought the human, social, and political progress of the Moslems by cooperating with the French government, be it with a liberal prospect.
Established by British set- tlers in 1946, the park remained largely free from encroachment, and retained its original acreage -- until now.
To the question "Who are the Maccabees of our day?", 55% responded "the set= tlers," 20% chose the social activists, 13% chose IDF officers, 6% chose me= mbers of Knesset, and 6% chose environmental activists.