TLESThomas Lake Elementary School (Eagan, MN)
TLESTurnbull Laboratory for Ecological Studies (Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge)
TLESTemporal Lobe Epilepsy Seizures
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He is a great breeder of sheep, and deals extensively in cat- tle. He attends market days for miles around in every sort of weather, and drives sitting bowed low over the reins, his lank grey hair curling over the collar of his warm coat, and with a green plaid rug round his legs.
The lit- tle fellow was lying on his back, a little frightened at me, but very still, with his big black eyes, with his fluttered air of a bird in a snare.
There was much scoffing at the latter by those who had yesterday been firm adherents of his views, and there was even a lit- tle sneering by men who had never believed the rumor.
'Excuse me, how is your Stomach?' Patriotic Ti tle: 'What are the three characteristics of a true-born Englishman?
"Don't alarm yourself, my dear," he said a lit- tle cunningly: "the sea can't keep him.
For the estimation of the BC based on TLEs, several methods have been developed [1620].
Analysis of the observations utilized general-perturbation TLEs published by the JSpOC for a baseline comparison.
The orbital elements data given as two-line element sets (TLEs) were downloaded from the Space Trackwebsite from February 11,2014, to April 4,2014.
Most snake venom TLEs own two glycosylation sites (Asn-X-Thr) (Au et al., 1993; Magalhaes et al., 2007; Menaldo et al., 2012; Pan et al.,1999).
It seems what I had witnessed was not a figment of my imagination but a transient luminous event (TLE).
Determination of a link between TLEs and hoarding, hoarding severity, and dimensions of hoarding were the primary aims.
The TLEs would simplify the installation of PSTN return paths that enable digital interactivity such as Pay-Per-View and promote the use of additional interactive services available to users of digital satellite and cable services, according to RTX Telecom.