TLFBTime-Line Follow-Back (addiction study; various organizations)
TLFBTimeline Followback Method (alcoholism)
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These women likely underreported their drinking behavior, demonstrating limitations of self-report reliance, or results could be explained by consumption of other products containing ethanol not identified with our TLFB assessment, or bacterial contamination at collection.
After participants had signed a consent form, they were first asked to complete the alcohol IAT, followed by the AES, the AUQ, and the TLFB.
TLFB, random assessments during the day, and self-initiated daily morning assessments of previous-day drinking).
In previous studies, a modified version of the TLFB called the Impaired Driving Assessment has shown high estimates of reliability delivered face-to-face or over the Internet (Usdan, Schumacher, & Bernhardt, 2004; Usdan, Schumacher, McNamara, & Bellis, 2002).
As with adults, using the TLFB procedure and obtaining concrete examples can enhance retrospective recall.
Table Key Terms and Abbreviations FASD Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FAS Fetal alcohol syndrome ARND Alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder Sensitivity The proportion of truly diseased persons in the screened population who are identified as diseased by the screening test Specificity The proportion of truly nondiseased persons who are so identified by the screening test TLFB Timeline follow-back procedure to assess alcohol exposure GGT [gamma]-glutamyltransferase MCV Mean corpuscular volume CDT Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin FAEE Fatty acid ethyl esters EtG Ethyl glucuronide EtS Ethyl sulfate PEth Phosphatidylethanol SOURCE: Adapted from Last, J.
The DDI and TLFB were employed as comparative measures for Part A of the ADOM, whilst the TOP and SF-36 questions were employed as comparative measures for Part B.
During each interview, participants completed the DAS and were interviewed with the TLFB about the substance-abusing patients' substance use.
Le TLFB demandait une description de consommation sur une periode de 60 mois.
The alcohol TLFB has been shown to have good psychometric characteristics with a variety of drinker types (e.
2007 Self-report 14-day TLFB to calculate total drinks and drinks per drinking day.