TLGSTehran Lipid and Glucose Study (Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences; Iran)
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All blood analyses were done at the TLGS research laboratory on the day of blood collection.
Recall bias might be a problem with self-reporting of menarcheal age; however, in the TLGS cohort, menarcheal age was assessed four times (once every three years) and the findings showed good confirmation.
Thanks are also due to the research staff at the TLGS. The authors also wish to acknowledge Ms.
As implementations of a Threshold Logic Gate (TLG) considered.
Both FPG and the standard 2 h-PCPG levels were available in the TLGS for identifying incident diabetes cases.
The Lighthouse Group Centre (TLG), which is in partnership with the Salvation Army, will give young people the chance to gain qualifications and boost their numeracy and literacy skills.
Incongruent results of the prognostic importance of SUVmax, MTV, and TLG in NPC patients have been reported by previous studies [20,21].
Measurement of MTV and TLG. Two experienced nuclear medicine physicians analyzed all the images independently on Xeleris workstations to identify all definite cancer-related lesions.
TLG is calculated by multiplying the MTV by the SUVmean [23].