TLHBTeaching Local Health Board (UK)
TLHBTL Hanna Band (high school; Anderson, SC)
TLHBTwin Lakes Home Builders (Arkansas)
TLHBTotal Left Heart Bypass (cardiology)
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The studied accessions were grouped using Tukey's test at an error rate of 5% (Table 2), and the results showed that significant differences do not exist among the accessions BGC 07, BGC 21, BGC 54, BGC 36, BGC 34 and BGC 27 in terms of the TCL and TLHB parameters.
2007) claim that the presence of karyotypic asymmetry that is associated with significant differences of TLHB and TCL among individuals of the same or closely related species may be the result of chromosomal alterations, such as Robertsonian translocations, inversions, unequal translocations, deletions and duplications.
Average TCL and TLHB values, expressed in micrometers (pm), for the accessions of the species C.