TLICTo Live Is Christ
TLICTransamerica Life Insurance Company
TLICThe Long Island Catholic (newspaper; Roosevelt, NY)
TLICThrivent Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN)
TLICTransport Life Insurance Company (Fort Worth, TX)
TLICThe Landscape is Changing (Depeche Mode song)
TLICTerrorism and Low-Intensity Conflict
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Determining the 2016 policy reserves amount for TLIC requires applying the formula to the appropriate row of actuarial estimates in Table 4.
This example assumes that TLIC is a profitable firm with $1,276,873 of net income and $6.
Importantly, Table 6 demonstrates that when premiums are fixed, any negative interest rate has significant adverse effects on the profits of TLIC through required increases in policy reserves and the resultant reduction in net income.
Table 7 demonstrates the adjustments in additional premium or policy reserves required at negative interest rates to ensure TLIC remains as profitable as it was during the period of 0% interest rates when EPS were fixed at $6.
A total of 48 patients with TLICS score <=4 and Frankel grade E presenting to us between October 2008 and August 2010 were treated conservatively and reviewed prospectively.
In the current series, patients with a dorsolumbar compression fractures and with a TLICS score of four or less, were treated in a closed manner with a custom molded thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO) brace.
Conservative treatment with early mobilization using TLS orthosis had good results in patients with TLICS score <4 and no neurological deficit.