TLICTo Live Is Christ
TLICTransamerica Life Insurance Company
TLICThe Long Island Catholic (newspaper; Roosevelt, NY)
TLICThrivent Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN)
TLICThe Landscape is Changing (Depeche Mode song)
TLICTransport Life Insurance Company (Fort Worth, TX)
TLICTerrorism and Low-Intensity Conflict
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The night on which the story takes place, Gan is forced to assist T'Gatoi--the Tlic government official in charge of the Preserve and a family friend--during her in-vivo emergency intervention on the Terran Lomas to remove the grubs that have started to poison him, and will soon begin to eat him.
As noted, TLIC raises capital by issuing 200,000 common stock shares at $100 per share for a total equity capital of $20,000,000 ($100 per share x 200,000 shares).
The following procedures shows how tLIC is performed at each pixel.
(31) But although there is an anticolonialist approach to the human side of Butler's contact narratives, the author's aliens, whether 'Bloodchild"s Tlic or Xenogenesis's Oankali, are not necessarily figures for white slave owners and overseers.
This page is being shut down." Foresta, who happens to be director of security sales at TLIC Worldwide, wasn't happy about that, but neither was he alarmed.
"Bloodchild" tells of a group of humans who escape antagonism on Earth to arrive on a planet where, generations later, their progeny become the valued property of a powerful alien species called the Tlic. Living on a protected Preserve, human families may be formed and children raised, but each family must offer at least one son to the Tlic.
Indications for surgery were decided per the Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity (TLICS) scale (10-11).