TLIOTesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini (Treasure of Italian Language of the Origins; online dictionary)
TLIOThis Land Is Ours (UK land rights organisation)
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Partnerships are established based on real commitment, and we are pleased to support Air Hamburgs continuous growth, said Marco Tlio Pellegrini, President & CEO, Embraer Executive Jets.
Among the large-scale projects Salvatore Battaglia's Grande Dizionario della lingua italiana was completed in 2002 with volume XXI, while the Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini (TLIO) (dell'Opera del Vocabolario Italiano) is making excellent progress.
Not only did he direct the Centro Studi di Grammatica and serve as editor of the journal Studi di Grammatica Italiana, he also participated in the foundation of the Opera del Vocabolario's Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini (TLIO), and he modernized lexicographical research by opening it to computer applications.